An effortless culinary experience


An effortless
culinary experience

A food delivery platform that connects ghost kitchens and restaurants to businesses everywhere.
Give your team access to fresh, delicious, and affordable meals. An employee perk they will love!


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Meet the Cubbi Pod


The Cubbi Pod was designed for style and efficiency.


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Cubbi was founded on the University of Saskatchewan campus in 2019 by Dawson Norrish, who wanted to re-invent the traditional fridge. As a young entrepreneur, Dawson noticed every workplace had a residential fridge but nothing designed for the office.

As the pandemic changed the design and re-working of traditional office spaces, it allowed Cubbi to re-design a fridge suited for any workplace. With the realization that it is the biggest piece of infrastructure that connects us to our diets.

With back-to-back meetings, shift work, food deserts, and inadequate access to healthy or affordable food options, the issues surrounding food at work kept rising.