Play, Sit and Move on Hokki by VS

Our Hokki is something special:

Sitting on a Hokki stool means playful movement, activity and high spirits. A dynamic stool for everyone, for use in kindergarden, school, play areas and at home. Hokki is available in five sizes, so that children and adults can enjoy Hokki in equal measure.  The old contrast between sitting and moving has now been broken up: Hokki is a product with simple and clear basic design which, through its simplicity, allows versatile use. It  is easily manageable and intuitively understood. Children continuously discover new ways to play with Hokki, it sets no barrier to a child’s imagination.  The controlled free movement stimulates the entire body in different ways. This kind of activity liberates and increases the sense of well-being. Body and mind are activated and an existing urge to move  is supported productively.  The convex design of the base makes Hokki flexible in all directions. The corpus made out of polypropylene is extremely stable and at the same time remarkably light. The soft base padding prevents slipping during dynamic sitting. The seat-contact surface makes for increased sitting safety. With the recessed structure of the rounded down seat edge and the firm stand Hokki offers children flexibility as well as manifold hold.

HOKKI is available in five sizes: 31cm/ 12 ¼”, 38cm/ 15”, 46cm/ 18 1/8”, 51cm/ 20 1/8”, 62cm/ 24”.


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