Here, the chair adapts itself, not the pupil: in the case of the PantoSwing cantilevered chair, the seat-surface inclination alters due to the mass eccentricity of the weight in a forward or rearward direction. In other words, in a forward sitting posture, the seat surface inclines because, unlike conventional cantilevered chairs, the PantoSwing “swings” forwards. In this way, the spinal column is prompted into a dynamic balance and a stabilised posture.

The PantoMove swivel chair has a dynamic seat surface with 3D tilt mechanism. In this way, it provides the optimum preconditions for ergonomically sensible dynamic sitting. The chair follows every movement of the body, simultaneously prompting the posture to change continuously. Thus the PantoMove adapts itself consistently to the needs of the user – it does not block movement; instead, it supports movement. Compared with chairs with rigid seat surfaces, important muscle groups are in this way activated without tensing in the process.

The PantoSwing can be individually adapted in five different chair sizes (seat height 30 cm, 34 cm, 38 cm, 42 cm, 46 cm and 50 cm). The PantoMove is infinitely height-adjustable – from a seat-surface height of 34 to 45 cm or from 45 to 55 cm. It can thus be adjusted with exact precision to the height of the respective pupil. A further plus point: the entire chair-size requirements in the school, from junior school to upper school, can be covered with a single chair model.

The PantoSwing and PantoMove school chairs are ideally equipped for the most stringent of tests – day-to-day school use. Both models are available with a comfortable air-cushion seat shell made from structured polypropylene, a particularly hard-wearing and scratch-resistant material. The material is fully recyclable. Behind this is a VS development which has already been proving itself very well in schools for many years.

The PantoSwing and PantoMove school chairs are available in various colours, which offers the opportunity of customising the colour scheme in the classroom.  The Panto Move also comes in an upholstered version to accommodate Instructor seating as well.