Workstation Highlights

The Krossi Workstation empowers natural movement in the workplace – for individuals and teams. Enhanced beyond electric height adjustability to enable organic floorplans, natural collaboration and total workplace malleability. No matter your unique needs: Krossi offers maximum capabilities with minimum understructure and improves user wellbeing and productivity.

BHP Floorplan

Building Amenities

Your new building offers a variety of spaces to suit your needs. Whether you want to socialize, collaborate, or focus, you can find the right spot for you. You can enjoy the Cribs and Breakout spaces on Levels 3 & 4, where you can relax, play, or brainstorm with your colleagues. You can also visit the Wellness center on Level 3, where you can recharge your energy and well-being. If you need some privacy and silence, you can use one of the private pods available on each floor.


Neighbourhood Conveniences

If you are looking for a place to eat or drink in your new neighbourhood, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you crave a quick lunch, or just a cup of coffee, you can find a restaurant of coffee shop that suits your taste and budget. These are some of the amenities that make your new neighbourhood a great place to live and explore! The close proximity to the river lends a convenient and beautiful spot to eat lunch or go for a quick walk.


Basics of Ergnonomics

Correct working posture is one of the key elements of office ergonomics. It means sitting or standing in a way that aligns the spine, head, shoulders, and hips, and reduces the stress on the muscles and joints. Your new height adjustable workstations and adjustable monitor arms ensure you can always work in a manner that is most comfortable for you.