Rock for all you’re worth

The old distinction between sitting and moving is immediately suspended: The Hokki is a product with a simple and clear basic design, its simplicity allowing it to be versatile. It is easily manageable and understood intuitively. Kids are constantly finding new games to play with the Hokki, it sets no boundaries to children’s imagination.

Controlled freedom of movement stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system in a great variety of ways. Such activity is liberating and increases the sense of wellbeing. Body and mind are activated and the natural urge to move around is supported in a productive way.

Hokki and Hokki+

Anyone who likes to move around while sitting and is looking for a lightweight, space-saving seat that makes this possible will find just what they want with Hokki. And can combine pleasure with comfort! Because it is available in the right size for all users. 

Classic fixed-height Hokki

  • 31 cm (for kindergarten, up to table height 55 cm) 
  • 38 cm (1st/2nd year, table height approx. 64 cm) 
  • 46 cm (3rd/4th year, table height approx. 72 cm) 
  • 51 cm (as of body height 165 cm, table height approx. 76 cm) 
  • 62 cm (as of body height 175 cm, for table heights from approx. 85 to 95 cm)

Height-adjustable Hokki+

In 2018, the Hokki family welcomed a new member: the height-adjustable Hokki+. The adjustment mechanism can be activated very easily from anywhere under the seating surface. Hokki+ is available in two height-adjustment ranges:

  • 38 to 50 cm for body size 135 to 175 cm/table heights between 64 and 72 cm
  • 50 to 68 cm for body size as of 165 cm/table heights as of 72 cm up to sitting/stand-at height

Ten colours, two upholstery options

Ten colours, two upholstery options

Hokki and Hokki+ are available in ten colours (as illustrated above). The shaped seating surface provides ideal support for the body and is equipped with a cushioning grey foam cover or thick foam padding made from black artificial leather. Who finds which the more comfortable option is a matter of personal preference. Whatever the choice, both Hokki and Hokki+ are very comfortable.

Ergonomically recommended

Hokki and Hokki+ are an open invitation for active sitting. This does both the body and mind good in equal measure. The two groups of models have therefore been awarded the AGR quality label for outstandingly back-friendly products by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR / Healthy Backs Campaign).