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Mechanical Mobile Filing

Mizer was established in 1998 and is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mizer’s edge in compact mobile shelving comes from its standard Lifetime Warranty, its long term reliability, and being made in North America.

Our exclusive Lifetime Warranty is a value added benefit that is included. Extra warranties and service packages are not required, keeping our prices competitive, and ensuring a no hassle, turn-key solution for your customers. Mizer’s unparalleled reliability comes from quality parts, construction, and innovations like our self-tightening chain drive system. Our North American construction eliminates extra lead time, reduces shipping costs, and ensures that best practices are followed during construction. Offer a more complete solution, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your profitability with Mizer.

Mechanical Filing

Manual Mobile Filing

Colorado manual mobile shelving by Mizer® is an innovative and economical storage system. Mounted on Mizer’s box-frame carriage, Colorado mobiles allow shelving to be closely packed when access is not required, but can be pushed and pulled to create an aisle when needed. By eliminating the need for permanent aisle space, Colorado systems can occupy a smaller storage footprint, or increase storage capacity when compared to typical static shelving.

Manual Mobile Shelving

Light Duty Mobile Filing

Quicksilver Mobile Compact Storage systems are a lightweight line of Mizer mobiles.  Quicksilver is built with aluminum carriages which are strong and light, and boasts the reliability of Mizer mechanical components. An excellent solution for weight restricted areas which need to maximize capacity, and comes with Mizer’s Lifetime Warranty.

  • Set Up: Installation is 30% faster than standard systems
  • Flexibility: Quicksilver can be made to fit any size shelving or cabinet
  • Shipping: Modular construction and lightweight materials reduce freight costs and delivery times
Light-Duty Mobile Filing

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