Insightrix is a Saskatchewan-based market research firm who apply innovative approaches to provide custom research solutions and engaging reporting, helping clients progress from the “What?” to the “What now?”

Design with Hybrid in Mind

Hybrid work environments can provide new ways for employees to collaborate productively, but companies must intentionally create these opportunities.

Insightrix wanted to design their our new office to do just that, creating spaces to drive collaboration and innovation within this new style of working! We helped them create an office that includes “resomercial” design approaches, state-of-the-art video conferencing technology and flexible hot desking.

Loftwall - Gravity Panels

Our client wanted to create privacy and utilize space in a visually appealing and practical manner. We used the Gravity panel by Loftwall for its sleek design and flexibility.

Spaces to Reflect

Sometimes you just need a space to get away. A space to prepare, reflect and to think. To give our clients space to get inspired, we created reflection spots featuring the Avi Guest Chair by Steelcase (Organgebox) and the Nomad System Felt Pro modular room divider.