Refresh Your Existing Furniture

We stand behind the products we sell and provide complimentary warranty service during the life of the manufacturers warranty period. In addition to warranty service we offer office furniture repair. We understand that your workplace is constantly changing and your furnishings may require extra care over time. Instead of purchasing new you may want to consider the option of:

  • Cleaning
  • Re-finishing
  • Repairing
  • Reconditioning
  • Reconfiguration

Our team of service technicians can help keep your workplace environment as pristine and sustainable for as long as possible.

**Monthly and yearly maintenance programs available**

Decommissioning Services

Our experts will work with you to explore the alternatives for furniture disposition or disposal.  Our extensive network of brokers locally and across the country can assist in providing you with the best price for your used furniture.  If more appropriate, we can provide market value assessments for employee sales or charitable donations

 Recycling Program

recycleWe recycle metal and cardboard packaging with the goal of minimizing the amount of waste put into a landfill.  We will also help to donate any unwanted furniture items to non-profit organizations. Please enquire.



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