Code of Conduct/Mutual Respect Policy

Code of Conduct/Mutual Respect Policy

Code of Conduct/Mutual Respect Policy


Business Furnishings recognizes that to achieve its vision, the environment it provides must be one which demonstrates respect, dignity, equity and safety for all Business Furnishings employees.

Business Furnishings promotes responsibility, respect, civility and professional excellence in a safe work-environment. Any form of threats of violence, violence, discrimination or harassment is prohibited and Business Furnishings considers all complaints seriously. All investigations will be timely, thorough, objective and fair to all affected parties. Every person has the right to report an incident or suspected incident without fear of reprisal.

 The purpose of this Code of Conduct/Mutual Respect Policy is to maintain a working environment that is amenable to all, and free from acts of violence, harassment, discrimination and undue distraction or hardship.


Discrimination generally refers to actions toward or practices regarding members of a group which results in them being disadvantaged. Discrimination is prohibited by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination on the basis of prohibited grounds, which include:

  1. religion;
  2. creed;
  3. marital status;
  4. family status;
  5. sex;
  6. sexual orientation;
  7. disability;
  8. age;
  9. colour;
  10. ancestry;
  11. nationality;
  12. place of origin;
  13. race or perceived race; and
  14. receipt of public assistance.