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Have you heard about the Hokki Stool by VS America?

The Hokki is designed to promote flexibility and freedom of movement. The base of the Hokki features a convex shape, allowing for a natural, 360-degree range of motion. This added motion and balance makes it easy to stay focused and engaged, perfect for students and professionals alike. With an innovative design that allows you to easily and safely move without tipping over. Engineered for incredible stability, the Hokki wobble stool is very safe to use. The Hokki stool is designed with a high-quality base padding that effectively protects both the stool and floors. The slip-resistant soft base makes the Hokki an ideal choice for smooth, hard, and soft surfaces alike. The Hokki is 100% recyclable and constructed with stable, friction-welded, and highly scratch-resistant polypropylene, each Hokki stool is made with the highest quality sustainable materials to make them as safe and durable as possible. The Hokki stool has a unique scalloped edge, allowing for an innovative hang-on desk feature – perfect for maximizing space. Call us for details!
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